Every human was designed to partner with God to do great things for His Kingdom. Yet, so many lack the necessary resources to do what they were created for. Bana Munsange (pronounced moon-san-gay) Ministries is dedicated to coming alongside children, and their families, so they might pursue the things God planned for them long ago. (Ephesians 2:10)

Bana Munsange Ministries has been developed to begin to loosen the grip of poverty on the lives of children living in Rwanda, so they might have every opportunity to grow to become unstoppable for the Kingdom of God. That they might love God, pursue his calling on their lives, and positively change the lives of those they encounter. If every child was given this opportunity, the entire world would be transformed and the chains of sin would begin to break.

This ministry began in 2016 due to the passion of two individuals, from two different worlds, to see children given the opportunity to attend school. Antoine, a Vineyard pastor from Rwanda, and Anna, an American trying to find her calling in the world, came together in Rwanda both with the underlying desire to invest in children living within the realm of poverty. They (at least Anna) had no idea that God was bringing them together to develop a ministry devoted to getting children off the streets and into school, while also investing in their spiritual, physical, and social-emotional health.

It is through nurturing the child’s whole being that we see them most successfully growing into that person they were made to be. We aim to address the child’s spiritual, mental, physical, and social/emotional health. Our vision for this is to begin by matching children within the ministry with advocates who are willing to invest in that child’s life. These advocates will play a crucial role in encouraging the child, loving them, and pointing them to Jesus.

Advocates commit to a monthly donation of $35 to provide that child with school fees, uniforms, shoes and other school supplies. That monthly donation will also allow the child to gain medical insurance which has the power to save that child’s life. In addition, each child will have the opportunity to build healthy relationships with Bana Munsange leaders, their teachers, and their peers. They will also be able to develop a relationship with their advocate through letter correspondence. Our dream is for advocates to play a crucial role in the positive development of the child through encouragement, love, and the offering of hope.

We aim to begin investing in children at the age of 3 to allow them the chance of an education, medical insurance, healthy relationships, and the nurturing of their own relationship with Jesus. In Rwanda, children are eligible to begin the earliest education around the age of 3. At this time, the child’s brain is still undergoing significant development. This means, whatever that child experiences, positive or negative, has the power to shape who that child will become. We want to make sure that child is given the best chance at positive development by providing them healthy opportunities (such as quality education) and healthy relationships which includes Bana Munsange leaders, advocates, their teachers, as well as their peers.

Bana Munsange Ministries is a newly developing ministry by The Vineyard Church of Rwanda. The groundwork began to be laid in August of 2016. There is much we are still learning as we move forward towards changing the lives of children, and their families, who live in the grips of poverty.

Since Bana Munsange Ministries is beginning in the tiny East African country of Rwanda, yet has a dream of expanding outside those borders, we wanted to choose a name that communicated our roots. For that reason, we chose a Kinyarwanda (the official language of Rwanda) phrase. Bana Munsange translates to “let them come” which we chose based off of Jesus’ words in Matthew 19.

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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