It is through the partnership of individuals around the world, with hearts for positively impacting the lives of children, that Bana Munsange Ministries is made possible.

Individuals who commit to investing in a specific child we consider to be advocates. They are choosing to come alongside that child, and their family, to give them a a renewed hope for their future. They are standing up that child’s right to a healthy life, mind, body, and soul. The role of an advocate is so much more than a monthly donation. They get to empower a child to become all they were created to be! They get to encourage a child to pursue the things that excite them, no matter how impossibly they look. They get to invest in a child’s future. Through that empowering, encouraging, and investing they not only have the potential to change that child’s entire life, but also the world.

Advocates commit to a monthly donation of $35. This assists in the covering of the child’s school fees, uniforms, shoes, and other school supplies. The child will also gain medical insurance, which has the power to save that child’s life in the case of a medical emergency. This donation will also cover the cost of each child attending a monthly gathering of all children within Bana Munsange Ministries. At that gathering, they will share a meal, build healthy relationships, participate in a Bible lesson, and develop communication with their advocates. That monthly donation will also assist us to pay for postage, printing and other necessary supplies to develop direct communication between child and advocate.

Currently, we have 11 children in our ministry who have been matched with advocates. We pray these lives are, and will continue, to be changed through these relationships that are just getting planted. Our vision is to see those relationships grow in to beautiful, lifetime friendships!

If you are interesting in becoming an advocate, please contact us. We would love to partner with you in making the difference in the life of a child and their family in Rwanda.